Georgina Collin v Paddle Australia

National Selection appeal.


Georgina Collin v Paddle Australia

This determination sets out the National Sports Tribunal's decision in the matter of Georgina Collin v Paddle Australia.

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Selection and eligibility dispute
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The Applicant was not selected for the 2022 World Cup and World Championships and sought to be selected as the third Australian representative in the World Cup 3 (“3rd Quota”). She claimed Paddle Australia incorrectly deemed another athlete was eligible to be selected for the team because she did not nominate for that team, having only nominated for an Under 23 team, and that Paddle Australia incorrectly applied the selection criteria. The Applicant submitted that the Tribunal should stand in the shoes of the governing body and select her as 3rd Quota position and Reserve in the team.

The Tribunal determined that the athlete who had not nominated for the senior team was not eligible according to the Policy, and was of the view that the Selection Committee had not taken into account relevant considerations under the Policy. It declined to make a final decision on the selection and remitted the matter back to the Selection Committee to undertake the selection in accordance with the Policy.