Dispute resolution services

An overview of the options we offer, who can access us, and how our process works.


We provide a range of different options to help resolve sporting disputes. The option we use depends on the type of issue, and sometimes on the choices of the parties involved.

If you are thinking about bringing a matter to us, you should consider the following aspects. They may guide your choice and limit your options.

Who can access us

The NST is only available to eligible individuals and sporting bodies.

Individuals must talk to their sport before sending in an application.

See Accessing our services for more information.

Guidance is provided on how the NST can support people appearing before the NST.

Types of disputes we can hear

We can only deal with certain categories of matters:

See Types of disputes and appeals for more information.

Dispute resolution options

We use a range of dispute resolution methods, depending on the type of dispute. These are:

  • case appraisal – a Tribunal member gives their opinion on a dispute (non-binding)
  • mediation – a Tribunal member helps parties work out their own solutions, focusing on mutual interests (non-binding)
  • conciliation – a Tribunal member helps parties resolve their dispute, taking a more active role than in mediation (non-binding)
  • arbitration – a Tribunal member hears the evidence and decides how to resolve the conflict (binding).

Anti-doping disputes must use arbitration. Other dispute types can be resolved using arbitration or other methods.

See Dispute resolution methods for more information.


There are a range of factors that determine how much a case will cost each of the parties, including:

  • the dispute resolution method
  • the application fee for that particular resolution method
  • any associated cost for using a hearing room or teleconference facilities
  • the type and complexity of the case
  • the number of Members involved in the hearing.

See Cost of dispute resolution services for more information.

See Our process for more on how we run our services.

NST Legal Assistance Panel (NSTLAP)

We have established a panel of legal practitioners who are willing to provide free or substantially discounted legal assistance. This panel will be available to parties to a dispute who:

  • have a current matter before us
  • intend to bring a matter to us.

The NSTLAP will help these parties get high-quality legal advice and/or representation, without significant costs.

Access to the NSTLAP – parties to a dispute

Parties who would like help from the NSTLAP can contact us for a copy of the list. The legal practitioner and the party work out the arrangements between themselves.