Jamie Pittman v CombatAus

Dispute regarding disciplinary action taken against a National Head Coach under the member protection policy.


Jamie Pittman v CombatAus

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Disciplinary dispute
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The Applicant is an employee of Boxing Australia, Boxing Australia’s National Head Coach, and a member of several of its committees. Boxing Australia is a member of the Respondent, the Combat Institute of Australia (CombatAus), which is a national sporting body responsible for the delivery of high-performance programs in Australia. Boxing Australia’s coaches including, the Applicant, are involved in the delivery of the Respondent’s high-performance programs.

Following two overseas tours in 2023, multiple complaints about the alleged conduct of the Applicant were received by CombatAus. Acting in his capacity as coach, the Applicant allegedly engaged in Prohibited Conduct under its Member Protection Policy (MPP). The Prohibited Conduct, comprising of Abuse, Bullying and Sexual Misconduct, concerned 11 different instances of misconduct.

CombatAus issued a Breach Notice to the Applicant which included an 18-month suspension (nine months of which was to be suspended if the Applicant attended a CombatAus approved training course on anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, anti-bullying, and anti-sexual misconduct, undertook 20 days of community service and remained of good behaviour whilst serving the 9-month sanction), a reprimand, a written apology, and counselling. The Tribunal was asked to review the severity of this.

The Tribunal considered the conduct to be aggravated by the Applicant’s seniority, and position of power and trust. The Applicant’s conduct was also considered in the context of his unblemished career, remorse and compliance with the process.

The Tribunal referred to the Sport Integrity Australia Guidance for Sanctioning in order to determine an appropriate outcome. The Tribunal imposed a sanction of a period of six months suspension, a reprimand, written apologies, counselling, and education.