Other CEO-approved disputes

We can hear sporting disputes that do not fit into our other categories if our CEO approves in writing.

Resolution methods


Our CEO can allow other types of disputes to be dealt with by arbitration in our General Division if there are exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • the dispute is longstanding
  • the parties have made reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute
  • the dispute will not be resolved in the foreseeable future
  • the outcome of the dispute may set a precedent for dealing with similar disputes.

The CEO decides these on a case-by-case basis.

Alternative dispute resolution

Our CEO can allow a broader range of other types of disputes to be dealt with by mediation, conciliation or case appraisal instead of an arbitration hearing.  There’s no need to demonstrate exceptional circumstances when you request mediation, conciliation or case appraisal.

Types of disputes the CEO cannot approve

The CEO cannot approve disputes such as:

  • on-field incidents that do not breach the sport’s integrity policy
  • minor behavioural issues that the sport can deal with, without taking action under its code of conduct
  • commercial disputes between a sporting body and a third party
  • disputes relating to contract pay or benefits, or termination of a contract
  • employment disputes (for example, being sacked) where it would be more appropriate to go to the Fair Work Commission for instance
  • disputes involving clubs, state associations and so on, which are  below the national level (unless the national level sporting body is a party to the dispute).

Apply to resolve a dispute

See Our process for details of how to apply.


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