Legislative framework

The legislation that brought us into being, along with explanatory materials.

National Sports Tribunal Act 2019

The National Sports Tribunal (NST) was established by the National Sports Tribunal Act 2019 (the Act), which commenced on 19 March 2020.

You can read more about the Act in the Explanatory Memorandum (PDF, 934KB).

A range of delegated legislation also supports the NST.

National Sports Tribunal Rule 2020

The National Sports Tribunal Rule 2020 prescribes matters to support the operation of the NST. The Rule outlines:

  • the kinds of disputes for which an application can or cannot be made
  • how a matter can be suspended or terminated
  • the fees associated with applications
  • how the overall cost can be determined
  • the management of protected information.

National Sports Tribunal Practice and Procedure Determination 2021

The Practice and Procedure Determination 2021 provides additional detail for the administrative arrangements that sit underneath the establishing legislation for the NST, including:

  • the process for providing and requiring information
  • the management of witnesses
  • how NST Members are allocated to hear a matter
  • the way a hearing is conducted
  • directions on how decisions are published.

National Sports Tribunal Principles for Allocating a Member to a Dispute

The Principles for Allocating a Member to a Dispute guide the NST CEO when appointing Members to deal with a dispute before the NST.

National Sports Tribunal (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Act 2019

The Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions Act 2019 deals with consequential and transitional matters arising from the enactment of the Act.

Bench Book 2022

The Bench Book 2022 has been prepared to assist parties lodging or responding to applications, and Members in applying the legislative framework to matters, under the National Sports Tribunal Act 2019.