Who we are

The NST consists of a panel of independent Tribunal Members. Our Chief Executive Officer, Deputy CEO and Registry Officers coordinate case management.

Tribunal Members

Our panel of NST Members includes top sport administrators, along with legal and medical professionals working in sport, and former athletes. 

The Minister for Youth and Sport appointed all of our NST Members, on the recommendation of the independent expert Selection Advisory Committee.

NST Members have a diverse range of skills and experience. Many are legally qualified, and these Tribunal Members will generally:

  • conduct arbitrations, mediations, conciliations or case appraisals
  • preside as chair when a dispute has more than one Tribunal Member hearing it.

We maintain a list of Members qualified and experienced in the mediation and conciliation of disputes, and conduct of case appraisals. Members will be allocated from this list for alternative dispute resolution processes. 

Other NST Members are subject matter experts in sport medicine and sport administration. These specialist NST Members will usually be allocated where three or more Members hear a dispute and their particular skills and experience are relevant.

Our CEO consults the parties to a dispute and then allocates NST Members to the matter. The CEO will take a range of factors into account when allocating Member(s) to a dispute, including:

  • their relevant skills and experience
  • where the parties are
  • their availability.

See more about the process of allocating NST Members to a dispute.

Once the CEO has allocated an NST Member to a dispute, the Member is responsible for conducting the resolution process. They receive case management support from the NST Registry.

Chief Executive Officer

Sport administrator and lawyer Mr John Boultbee AM is our inaugural CEO. Mr Boultbee is very experienced in the Australian and international sporting community. He has been particularly involved in rowing, football and volleyball. He was involved in Australia’s most successful Olympics – Sydney 2000 – as the then-director of the Australian Institute of Sport.

The CEO actively manages NST administration and staff to provide resolution services. The CEO has a range of powers as outlined in the establishing legislation, including:

  • allocating Members to hear a matter
  • arrangements for determining and sharing the NST's costs related to the matter.

Deputy CEO

Jonathan Bray is the Deputy CEO of the NST, supporting the work of the CEO. Mr Bray is an experienced government lawyer specialising in public law litigation. He was Counsel assisting the Chair of the Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements (the Wood Review). He then worked as Director of the Sports Integrity Taskforce implementing the Government Response to the Wood Review – including setting up the National Sports Tribunal.


These committees guide us as we develop the NST:

Support staff

The NST Registry team is located within the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. Registry staff provide case management and administrative support.