National Sports Tribunal Advisory Group

The Advisory Group represents a broad range of stakeholders from the sport sector. They provided advice and guidance on establishing the NST.


The National Sports Tribunal (NST) Advisory Group contributed valuable industry experience and expertise to the Sport Integrity Taskforce in establishing the NST. They provided strategic advice on what the sector expects from the NST, as well as related risks and opportunities.

The NST Advisory Group also contributed its expertise to helping us evaluate and continuously improve our service delivery model.

We do not pay the members of the NST Advisory Group. We greatly appreciate their voluntary contribution to setting up and developing the NST.


The members of the NST Advisory Group represent a diverse range of knowledge and expertise. Members’ backgrounds include:

  • national sporting organisations
  • peak representative bodies
  • athlete associations
  • academic institutions
  • sports tribunals
  • international sports administrators
  • sports physicians.

The initial Advisory Group members were:

  • Jack Anderson
  • Lydia Dowse
  • Sarah Longes
  • Ian Robson
  • Ann West
  • Nicole Malcher
  • Martin Ross
  • Joe Collins
  • Gerard McEvilly
  • Michael Crooks
  • Ben Houston
  • Duncan Tweed
  • Vince Elias
  • David Bell
  • Laura Sigal
  • Annabelle Williams
  • Shelley Watts.


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